24 and 48 HOUR expedited calibration service available for most instruments

Free internet access to your calibration certificates and Cal-Due Reports via Dataview

Providing on-site calibration and field service throughout New England and its borders

Experts in instrument calibration and repair service

Committed to calibration excellence since 1974

Expedited calibration available for most instruments (requires advance scheduling with customer service)

Massachusetts Metrology and Instrument Service provides On-Site calibration and repair service
throughout New England and its borders.

On-Site Service of :

Sterilizers and Incubators
Laboratory and Industrial Ovens
Industrial Furnaces
Environmental Chambers – Temperature and Humidity

Services Include :

Complete Electrical and Control System On-Site Repair
Control System Replacement and Upgrades
Calibration and Chamber Temperature and Humidity Profiling
ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration in Accordance with AMS2750, BAC-5621 and ASTM-E145, including air flow and time constant testing

(before) (after)

Replaced the temperature controller with a Partlow 1462 profile temperature controller
Replaced the High Limit Temperature Controller with a Partlow 1401 Limit Controller
Installed Partlow MRC 5000 Chart Recorder
Replaced internal mechanical relays with solid state relays
Replaced all thermocouples

(before) (after)

Replaced 2 Temperature Controllers with Partlow P1400 Temperature Controllers
Replaced the Hi-Limit Temp Controller on upper chamber with a Partlow 1401 Hi-Limit Controller
Installed Partlow P1401 High Limit Temperature Controller for Lower Chamber
Replaced all Internal Mechanical Relays and Wiring
Replaced all Thermocouples

A Massachusetts Metrology Calibration and Service Specialist can assist you is selecting the appropriate service solution to meet your requirements.

Please contact our Customer Service Department at 781-982-7125 to obtain additional information regarding our On-Site service.